Hello, welcome to my splash page! I'm a lover of people and every opportunity to be creative. Following my dream of acting and having a voice to impact lives (even a little) is a must. That said, I believe hard work gets the job done faster than daydreaming. I hope we can work together soon.

Dakota has been attending weekly Film, Television, Commercial and Entertainment Business training classes, at The Actors Room, for over 2 years - taught by Steven G. Lowe. Dakota invests his time and resources every week in an effort to grow his talent and expand his knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Among the many other enjoyments (skateboarding, going to movies, traveling, etc) Dakota has found web development to be a great way to stay creative between auditions and his acting pursuit. Due to his work ethic, attention for detail and ability to think outside-the-box, Dakota quickly became well-respected for his web development creations. This earned him the nicknames "wiz kid", "boy wonder" and "koda the coder". Throughout high school, he performed on his school's improvisational comedy team and was a shoe-in for "Most Talented" but it didn't work out - Dakota was quoted as saying "Life's a work in progress. That's the fun of it".
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