“There’s nothing here!”


Ah, a blank canvas. My worst enemy- and yet, how I make a living.

I remember in third grade, we had a large book-cubby type thing, probably from Ikea with 24-some-odd cubbies. Every single cubby was full of boxes of crayons. (I don’t know the proper way to spell cubbey, so I spelled it every way I could.) As soon as we saw black and white solid outline print-outs being put on the teacher’s desk, we all got an inherent itch to grab the lower left corner of our desk, pivot our bodies towards the cubbies while keeping our head and shoulders at attention towards the teacher. You’d think we were kids who had never seen food before, and these cubbies were full of a thanksgiving meal.

The pure joy and excitement that came with just knowing we were going to create or decorate a piece of paper was amazing. It was what we lived for. ~~> Fast-forward 13 years. ~~> We struggle to write a caption on our Instagram post, have a hard time imagining anything beyond our immediate reality and often times find ourselves a product of habit and comfort. I hate what I’ve become. I want that same excitement back. The fact I “create” websites, fliers, videos and on and on, for a living makes me embarrassed to admit how uninspired I am by a blank canvas. I don’t grab the corner of my desk and perch my toes ready to start running. I often avoid work, push it off and procrastinate until I feel ready, or at least until it’s due.

This is the reason I’m here. I’m breaking habit, opening up my mind to create and hoping I can unleash that kid in me. I’ll start with what I know and feel comfortable sharing, and we’ll go from there.